OFCOM Mobile Coverage Checker

Some great news coming out of Ofcom today as they launch their own mobile coverage checker using an interactive map, perfect so that you and your customers can discover the quality of 3G & 4G signal strength in areas across the UK.

It’s able to zoom in to areas of the map to specific locations, and names or postcodes can be searched to check down to 100 square metres for each of the mobile networks.

There is a ranking colour coded system meaning:

  • Green showing the highest likelihood of coverage
  • Amber being variable
  • Red showing least likelihood

Their Chief Technology Officer Steve Unger is quoted as saying in Mobile News “We believe our map is the most comprehensive tool available to consumers and businesses to check mobile coverage” and I can’t disagree with him because when I check my own networks coverage checker it suggests I have reliable indoor 4G, whereas the Ofcom one is accurate displaying none at all! J

It’s running a little on the slow side so perseverance is needed, but a great bookmarking tool regardless.


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